Dining Room with Modern Design

The house is identical primary requirement that must be owned by the people. In addition the home also has a different room and also has the function of each house respectively. For those of you who who have limited land not too worried because the cost to build a house. In modern times many ideas that can be used such as using a minimalist style but still looks modern.

In interior design many kinds of existing designs such as Japanese-style bathroom design, minimalist garden design in the home, and etc.. But this time will discuss about Dining Room Design with Modern Style. The dining room is one room that is very important for the home, if there is no dining room then it would seem impolite.

If you that already a family where eating is very important, because it can be used gather together with your beloved family while for example dinner. In the selection of the design you simply combine bright colors that exist in this dining room. Examples of white color, neutral color, but it can make the heart occupants to be comfortable and you can also combine with black or gray.

To problem your floor can provide a little dark colors like brown or wearing carpet. The atmosphere still looks elegant and still modern. If you do not like dark colors you can also install flooring with white. Need to remember that everyone has individual preferences and depending on the ideas and creativity that you have.

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Korsel Kerja Sama Kembangkan Teknologi 5G Dengan Uni Eropa

Di jaman yang semakin maju teknologi ini sudah banyak perkembangan yang ada. Untuk segi teknologi jaringan sendiri di Indonesia sudah sampai dengan 4G, namun sayangnya teknologi ini belum dapat menyeluruh di seluruh wilayah Indonesia. Untuk jaringan 3G sendiri sudah luas di wilayah Indonesia ini namun bila di bandingkan kecepatannya dengan 4G memang jauh di bawahnya.
Untuk Negara maju sendiri bahkan untuk saat ini sudah mengembangkan teknologi jaringan mereka sampai dengan 5G. Hal ini membuat Indonesia semakin tertinggal di bandingkan Negara maju. Negara tersebut adalah salah satunya Korea Selatan. Negara ini pun di kabarkan telah bekerja sama dengan Uni Eropa untuk mengembangkan jaringan dengan kecepatan 5G.
Untuk kehadiran teknologi 5G ini sendiri memang di perkirakan sangat cepat dalam koneksi internet. Jika anda menggunakan teknologi 4G untuk video HD selama satu jam anda dapat mengunduhnya dengan waktu selama 5 menit saja, tetapi jika menggunakan teknologi jaringan 5G ini anda dapat mengunduhnya hanya hitungan detik. Sangat cepat sekali bukan? Memang bebrapa Negara maju telah mengembangkan teknolgi 5G ini dan bekerja sama antara satu Negara dengan Negara lain. Bahkan Uni Eropa dengan Korea Selatan ini mengatakan teknologi 5G ini dapat di gunakan secara missal di bumi ini pada tahun 2020.

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Travel Frederiksborg Castle

If you want to travel abroad, and still confused about where to aim? Do not get confused in selecting sites, because so many tourist attractions that are in foreign countries such as Europe and America. One of them in the State of dynamite, dynamite State designation is Denmark. In this country a lot of attractions that you can visit, one of the ancient buildings. Not only is it in Denmark also has outstanding natural beauty as well. It all depends on your desire to travel to the ancient buildings in advance or to the beach. If you want to go to the first ancient building, tourist attractions worth a visit because it has historical value. The sights are Frederiksbor Castle, this palace truly the largest ever built in Scandinavia, and the castle is the residence of the King of Denmark King Christian IV.

How would like to travel to these places? Of course you will need a pretty much badget.

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Cars with Cool Modification

If your car especially automotive lovers must have heard the words of the modification. What is a modification? Modification is a process in which the change occurred from the original form of the ordinary into a unique shape and cool. If your favorite car has been modified in such a way that you will be the pride of its own. Especially if on display in the exhibition cars and your car modification to be an attraction for people to see it, definitely a sense of pride will come out because your car with your idea that was originally used to be cool. But this modification would certainly spend a lot of money, but no problem with you having a lot of money. This modification is usually a hobby that can be channeled to new ideas which is owned by everyone who likes going to the world of automotive modification.

To find a picture of your car that has been modified with various elements of the idea of ​​making it look cool. Here are a few pictures of car modification

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Cars Which Will Release This Year

If your automotive lovers, you will definitely look for a new vehicle with modern or unique shape. Recently, there are some cars that were not previously marketed in Indonesia, but in 2014 there is planned to be the launch of the New Cars with cool form. Any person whose name would want a car, house, etc.. And the dream every person must be different, one of them has a luxury car. With the car have minded if were leave the house certainly was not cold, too hot, rain, and so on. For this modern era increasingly more and more car manufacturers are developing competing products. With the design and technology of different makes and types of car prices are also different. To get a car, surely only those who have abundant badget can buy a car whether it be modern or unusual luxury.

Curious as to what the car manufacturer will release world class in Indonesia this year. Here’s Newest Luxury Car Pictures Exodus 2014

Toyota Corolla Terbaru 2014


               Mobil Nissan Teana 2014


     Mitsubishi Outlander US-Version 2 2014


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Tips to Maintain Healthy To Stay Fit

Maintaining health is one thing that is very important, because it will determine or not our bodies healthy. If we do not maintain the health of our bodies our bodies automatically be susceptible to the disease and the hospital is your destination. Each person will also crave physical and spiritual health of the body. And when the body is healthy then that is the treasure that is very important for humans. This time talking about the physical health of the body.


Here are tips to maintain the health of our bodies
1. Rest enough each day, it is a factor maintaining a healthy body and your immune system. In this case sleeping regularly, but still quality.

2. Eat fibrous foods like apples, carrots, beans. This function is useful fiber diet to keep the body from bacteria.

3. If there is time to spare, try every day to exercise for example jogging. It aims to keep your body to stay fit and healthy.

4. The body needs fluids try to stay awake in our body. One of them is water healthy.

5. Vitamin D keep it properly maintained. One of them is natural namely the morning sun, eggs, fish and chicken liver.

6. Hygienic food is food that is free of bacteria or germs, so be sure to eat foods that will keep hygienic.

Those are some tips that will keep your body health and fitness in the middle of your daily activities are so dense. There are many tips to maintain the health of our bodies. And try to avoid smoking because it is also to maintain a healthy body. Because health is number one.

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Idea Room Design With Modern Family

 The family room is definitely very important in every home. Why in important say in every home? This is because the family room where the gathering together. Still confused with the modern design of the living room? Do not confuse a lot of design options for the family room. For those of you who have a lot badget not hurt if you were thinking to design the family room and the modern idea. The benefits of the design of the room is that the atmosphere is not too late, so you have to pick and choose the design that is modern or classic design. All depends on your individual preferences.

Here is an example of family room design with modern ideas


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